Bodywork & Coaching:

"Being immersed in the healing arts community from London to LA over the past decade, I've come across many a healing facilitators. Some are ok, others are good and a few are great. Then, every once in a rare while, I come across a healing facilitator who not only only opens doors to authentic & profound healing of my body/mind/soul, but also help bring me back into my own essential core, into the center of my own being.

I can say with complete conviction that Bernhard is a rare gem among gems. His unique set of skills, combining many different modalities, approaching his work from a wholly holistic perspective, and offering personalized treatments, has awarded him the Best Bodyworker in California Award as far as my books are concerned!

If you can give yourself the gift of having your physical & energetic vessel re-charged during one of his deeply calming & healing session, it'll be next to impossible to ever justify going elsewhere! There are very few people I recommend to know what they are really doing, and Bernhard is definitely & unmistakably one of the few, excellent & professional practitioners of genuine healing."

- Bita Majd, Los Angeles

"As a young padawan of the Mysteries of Life, there have been many times where I found myself feeling isolated and weighed down by the vastness of the road less travelled. The most recent of these times was a couple of months ago. No matter how much I analyzed myself and “understood” what I was going through, something just wasn’t feeling right. I didn’t need anymore teachings; I just needed reflective guidance…and that’s just what Bernhard provided.

In our Skype conversation, I poured things out from my heart that I haven’t said to anyone else. Amidst the barrage of my emotions, he listened steadily and would consistently deliver responses that led me deeper into my feelings, deeper into my own inner-knowing. He also had a way of keenly animating his responses that would encourage me to animate my own feelings as well, rather than just discuss them.

Together, we embarked upon a voyage through an array of topics, including sexuality, exploration of one’s depths, embodiment, ways to channel anger, hyperdimensional reality and more. In the end, I simply felt more ALIVE. I had more energy and vigor, as well as some great new tools for tangible self-exploration. Thank you Bernhard for your wisdom, sensitivity and fellowship!"

- Mathieu Robards, San Francisco

"Bernhard appeared on my path with perfect synchronicity - a cue that there's was some holy grit to be had in our connection. At last someone who deeply understands the transformative process by continued shadow work...cut the bullshit - if you want to create conscious self healing then get down and dirty with the shadow.

The other element of Bernhard's expertise that deeply resonates is the wisdom held within our bodies, so for me cue Bernhard's deep attunement to bodywork as well as his fund of esoteric knowledge and I am blessed to be in an authentic contact which I know will facilitate my personal growth. FaceTime makes this a possibility and transcends geography. I would not hesitate to recommend this as a medium to access this gifted soul."

- Sue Martin, London - UK

"Bernhard Guenther's home studio is a peaceful retreat in Topanga Canyon. Surrounded by trees and twittering birds, the space vibrates with positive spiritual energy. After getting comfortable on the heated massage table in his cozy treatment room, we could already feel our tension seeping away. Feeling so relaxed before the session even begins is always a good sign of what’s to come, and Bernhard's massage more than lived up to the promise.

Bernhard takes a holistic mind, body and spirit approach to bodywork, specializing in deep tissue, craniosacral, sensory repatterning, Thai massage, Esalen massage and energy work. For our treatment, he used a combination of therapies. After an hour on Bernhard's table we had completely forgotten our problems and drifted into a dreamlike state of total relaxation. The sense of peace we felt at his Topanga studio was more than worth the drive."

- Chill Out LA Magazine

Peru "Time of Transition" Retreat:

"The way I see it, there are several major streams contributing to this unique moment in human spiritual history. First is the unavoidable stream of so-called “fringe” topics that indicate there is so much more to our world and society than meets the eye, and that this conclusion is, in fact, quite logical. Second is the growth in popularity of personal inner healing, transformation, and integration, whose goal is to bring us as humans back to our true selves. Third is the massive expansion in the number of healing modalities – be they plant-based, energetic, physical, or meditative – available to facilitate that integration. Fourth and finally, the surging desire for tuned-in people to reunite with nature both inwardly, in terms of diet, and outwardly, in terms of their living environment.

Various healers, teachers, guides, and writers focus on one or two of these themes. Bernhard Guenther, through his remarkable work on his blog and Facebook, is to my knowledge the only person who unites ALL of these themes in his work. In doing so, he presents a more complete picture of modern authentic spirituality than anyone else I’ve encountered.

More than just showing the route, Bernhard provides a map. And more than a map and the route, he offers the critical reasons why to go on the journey. And more than a reason, map, and route, he paints a picture of the destination for us as individuals, and perhaps even the world as a whole.

This is true vision and leadership, in the best sense.

It would be sufficient for me or you to simply read his work. But the experience of it during his Time of Transition retreat provided an unparalleled picture into these four streams I mention, and how they feed us.

It’s one thing to read and conceptualize these ideas. It’s another to experience them bodily, surrounded by the thriving jungle, fed by delicious organic food, bathing in streams, being healed by the sounds of crickets, birds, and Fred Clarke Alvarez’s remarkable instruments, dancing freely in by candlelight, and more. The difference can’t be expressed in words, only felt.

I was profoundly impacted by my 9 days in the jungle with Bernhard, Fred, Javier and the staff at Chirapa Manta Ecolodge. During my time, I discovered how these streams feed ME, and I got a sense of how they will continue to, long after I’ve gone home. I encourage you to attend, and open yourself to experience the same."

- Will Spencer

“And with a naive abandonment for all things perceived to be logical I flew to Peru to connect with a handful of strangers from all over the world. What was I thinking? There is no other answer than I was following a divine plan for a Time of Transition.

All of this "spiritual awakening" is new to me. I went through a phase of recognizing how different systems work together to keep us "asleep". I didn't know how I could possibly live out the rest of my life with the new ancient knowledge that I had embarked upon. But I knew I had to keep putting one foot in front of the other. I kept seeking, knocking, and I came across the work of Bernhard Guenther. I was drawn to his approach in being free, being sovereign. There was no talk of him being a guru or calling in spirit guides for help.  We all have to do our own work and he was willing to be a vessel to aide in that process. I knew at this point in my journey that was exactly what I needed.

So I went to the jungles of Peru to be a part of a spiritual retreat hosted by Bernhard and Fred Clarke Alvarez.  It was a time of deep reflection.  No televisions, no traffic, no processed food, no 9 to 5 drudgery. We connected with nature, swam, hiked, visited a village by way of boat, ate wonderful cacao made by a beautiful Peruvian woman, and connected with one another over delicious, organic meals, sharing circles, dancing, Qi Chong, sound healing ceremonies, and a huachuma ceremony. It was beautiful how we were able to integrate and embody the first five days of self-work, workshops, and ceremonies with the four remaining days of the retreat. The logistics of the events were brilliant.

I was able to process repressed memories from childhood that no longer served their purpose for being hidden.  I am still in awe of how the sounds of the beautiful music that Fred played touched us all to the core and connected with each of us on an individual level to orchestrate healing.  The music danced with our pains and sufferings and helped us to leave them there on the dance floor with a forgiving "good-bye". With all of this stored trauma removed it left room for me to begin the transition of healing. I went through a lot of turmoil to actually make it to the retreat, but I am so elated that I made it. I will NEVER be the same. There was a part of me that was fractured, disconnected. I'm still on my journey of healing, but I can see a little clearer, and feel a little deeper.  And I made some great friends along the way!”

- Nicole Hankerson

“The retreat was truly transformative…but I should explain what that means. While a few people had obviously transformative experiences as they faced old issues and let go of old patterns, the transformation I felt wasn’t obvious to me until I returned. My perceptions and feelings of everything in my life had changed. For a time I was faced with a profound sadness mixed with a profound joy. The joy came from the deep connection I’d made to Life, the sadness from clearly seeing the lack of that connection in the world around me in the place I’d formerly called home but now simply refer to as “base camp”.

There was one obvious level of transformation during the retreat that I felt. Being in the jungle, feeling the life literally pulsing from the environment, eating delicious local food prepared lovingly by local people, swimming in the river, and getting to know the other people in the retreat through the sharing of all of this along with the embodiment exercises, sharing of experiences, sound healing, and body work for days before the huachuma ceremony had me feeling like a kid again. It was a heart opening and embodying experience that created a loving and healing atmosphere for the ceremony.

This was real, deep healing that should not be missed…but only if you are serious about the transformation of your life. The healing you receive will be the healing you need from within yourself. Things you have hidden from will come to the surface. Your life will begin to turn toward the direction your soul desires, and away from the direction you have taken out of fear, programming, or conformity. Think about what that means before you asking to attend. While the retreat is very fun, this is serious work that should be approached with the understanding that your life is about to change in ways that that might frighten you to think about now.”

Allen Branson

“Going into the jungle I didn’t hold very many expectations for myself other than the intent to heal.  I had been following Bernhard’s work and writings for several years before the “Time of Transition Retreat” but that still couldn’t determine what would happen amongst a group of diverse individuals from all over the world. I guess you could say my attitude inwardly was “to go big or go home” in terms of finding my own healing and inspiration and boy did that happen.

Bernhard’s workshops were very enriching for me; supplying practical methods for thriving in my true authenticity and facing the darkest parts of ones true self. The group discussions during the workshops have honestly been some of the most raw and real moments in my life. I found much of my healing in the sharing of my story and even more in hearing others stories and processing together. I truly feel like the bonds made in the jungle are during those 9 days are more sacred than bonds that I have had with some for 10 years. Bernhard and Fred held space so intuitively and responsibly that every moment I felt supported and safe to be vulnerable.

One of my favorite aspects of the retreat was doing Qi Gong every morning, not something I regularly practiced. It really took me to the next level with feeling my own true embodiment. By the fourth morning during one of our exercises we were moving the light down from our crown to our hips (root) and my body began to shake so intensely the lodge was shaking with me. My body was letting go and processing trauma stored in the body. I had never experienced anything like it. “Letting go” seems to be the reoccurring theme from spirit for me.

Bernhard’s bodywork paired with Fred’s sound healing is something everyone should get to experience at least once in their life. I remember Fred was standing over me at one point and he was playing his wood winded instrument, and as he was playing I had an intense visualization and feeling of him pulling out years of rage, sadness and repressed feelings with every note. It was like the Cobra snake that is coiled and becomes uncoiled to the sound of the music. I never realized how much unnecessary baggage I was carrying around with me. This experienced surely cracked me open.

I already miss Peru and the wonderful circle of people I met and I know I will never be the same going forward. The jungle really transforms a person. There are some secrets I left in that jungle, and there are some secrets that came home with me, and none of it would have ever happened if I didn’t take that step in faith to find my own healing.”

- Zachary Hector

"Something deep shifted inside of me in the luscious jungle of Peru. Changes. Inside and out. I can see it on my face and feel it inside my body. Even my landlord noticed it. He said I felt stronger, less insecure, more myself. I didn't really noticed it at first. I was just having fun, playing with my new friends, dancing and laughing and swimming. The work we did went deep, but it was sneaky. It didn't feel like work. It felt like love. It felt like truth. It felt like seeing myself mirrored in the people around me. It felt like it was ok for me to be imperfect, flawed, vulnerable, open, and held as I cried out tears I had kept inside of me way too long. It felt like I was being held in a container made of love, and everything which was not love could drop away now. It was no longer needed. It no longer fit into my new skin.

It would be easy to extol the talents, gifts, and virtues of Bernhard and Fred, since they are numerous, but then it would miss the fact that each and every person who was there was equally special and beautiful. This was something we created together. A circle, not a pyramid. Each person was a necessary and important piece of the whole. We could have not done it without them and they could not have done it without us. We healed, laughed, cried, raged, and owned our own shit together and we are all better people for having done so.

If you have the opportunity and resources to go on one of these retreats, and your heart is singing a yes into your ears, I highly recommend that you listen. For me, I have been changed on such a deep level that it may be one of the most important decisions I've ever made in my life. I wish the same for you on your journey of discovery into yourself."

- Ellen Wisewoman