We are in an important pacha (space/time) to transcend the paradigm we are currently living in. During this Time of Transition we are called to rise up in our own power, our individual purposes for being here and reconnect to our inner guidance, opening our hearts and minds as we are tuning into the new frequencies of this new dawn through the cellular matrix of our bodies.

This 9-day retreat is geared towards the ones who are called to make the next leap; for the ones who already see through the workings of the Matrix Control System to an extent and are ready to “answer the call” of their deepest soul calling and connect with others in person who have the same intention as we help each other shine in our embodied essence and anchor a higher frequency in order to transcend the mutant Matrix.

The intention of this retreat is to help you get out of your daily routine, away from the disruption/interference of city frequencies, EMF radiation,”modern-life” distractions, and open the space to engage in deeper healing work and connect with like-minded people. We’ll be sharing and doing this work on an experiential level while being immersed in the powerful frequency of the Peruvian high jungle, surrounded by trees, rivers, and waterfalls in an eco-friendly environment.

Together we will engage in various activities, workshops, shamanic work, and body-mind-spirit practices for the purpose of healing, embodiment, and reuniting the inner male and female; connecting to our wholeness within and to the wholeness of nature.

Join Fred Clarke Alvarez and Bernhard Guenther on their next (3rd) “Time of Transition” retreat May 28th - June 5th, 2017.

Group size is limited to 9 participants. 

Talks and Workshops:

     •     The Matrix Control System and Process of Awakening

     •     The Hero’s Journey and the Sacred Marriage of the inner Male and Female

     •     The Individual Process of Embodiment and Awakening

     •     The Body-Mind-Spirit connection

     •     Shadow Work

     •     Hyper-dimensional Interference and the Keys to Discernment and Protection

     •     Traps on the Path towards Awakening, how to spot them and counter-act them

     •     Spiritual Bypassing and Avoidance Strategies

     •     Limitations of 3D thinking

     •     Medicine plants and how to work with them, in particular Huachuma (San Pedro Cactus)

     •     The polarity of life: “positive vs. negative”, “Service to Self(STS) vs. Service to Others(STO)”, “dark vs. light”

     •     How to make the right choices that are aligned with your true self

     •     Reality Creation in alignment with the deeper purpose of your soul’s calling

Activities and Practices:

     •     Shamanic sound healing ceremonies

     •     Meditation, Qi Gong

     •     Body and Energy Work

     •     5Rhythm Dance & Movement practices

     •     Embodiment practices

     •     Andean Huachuma plant ceremony (*)

     •     Healing and sharing circles

     •     Hikes into the jungle

     •     Soaking/swimming in the rivers and waterfalls

     •     Skin exfoliation sessions (coconut, cacao & sea salt)

     •     Cultural adventure trip to a local community

     •     Cacao ceremony

     •     Integration work and Individual counseling

     •     Healthy local organic vegetarian diet