"Being immersed in the healing arts community from London to LA over the past decade, I've come across many a healing facilitators. Some are ok, others are good and a few are great. Then, every once in a rare while, I come across a healing facilitator who not only only opens doors to authentic & profound healing of my body/mind/soul, but also help bring me back into my own essential core, into the center of my own being.

I can say with complete conviction that Bernhard is a rare gem among gems. His unique set of skills, combining many different modalities, approaching his work from a wholly holistic perspective, and offering personalized treatments, has awarded him the Best Bodyworker in California Award as far as my books are concerned!

If you can give yourself the gift of having your physical & energetic vessel re-charged during one of his deeply calming & healing session, it'll be next to impossible to ever justify going elsewhere! There are very few people I recommend to know what they are really doing, and Bernhard is definitely & unmistakably one of the few, excellent & professional practitioners of genuine healing."

- Bita Majd

As a professional practitioner of the Healing Arts for over 15 years I integrate various modalities into my work. Everyone is unique and special in his/her own ways. Whatever your needs are, my focus as a bodyworker is on your personal body/mind make-up.

I take the quality of your sessions very seriously and provide massage and bodywork that not only decreases pain and muscle tension, but also results in emotional balance, spiritual insight & healing.

Please take a look at my website and let me know if you have any questions.

Bernhard Guenther, CMT

Certified Esalen® Massage

and Deep Bodywork® Therapist

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