Various ancient teachings and prophecies have pointed towards this current age as a bridging point: the Time of Transition.

As more and more souls are waking up and connecting to a larger awareness, we are individually-called to play our unique role in this evolution of consciousness.

This process often contains aspects which run contrary to what we have been taught and told, growing up in a world that has steered us away from nature, our wholeness and our universal divinity.

These can be challenging times for many of us as, resulting in confusion, suffering, and experiencing feelings of disconnection and loneliness - but every challenge and struggle provides an opportunity for growth, and can help us to awaken to our individual power and purpose for being here and now.

How do we learn to trust ourselves? How do we learn to connect with our own intuition and inner knowing? How do we separate projections or wishful thinking from genuine intuition? How do we connect to our own unique soul purpose?

The key to these teachings lies in reconnecting to the energetic and cellular matrices of the body.

The more that we come to truly know ourselves and attain embodied wisdom, the easier it becomes to navigate the world around us and our everyday lives.

Connecting to our inner intuitive guidance system, knowing what to do and focus on, what information to pursue or what to discard, what decisions to make and when, embracing the lessons we need to learn and the talents we are called to develop - this is the alchemical formula for peace, prosperity and holistic harmony. 

You chose to be here and now, to participate in what is unfolding, and to embrace the mystery of life. 

The power in you is found in your uniqueness and individuality.

I offer practical guidance, holistic coaching (in person or via Skype/FaceTime/Phone), and Integrative Bodywork to assist you in the process of reclaiming the power of who you truly are.

With Love,

Bernhard Guenther






"You have come bearing gifts for the world. Your greater purpose is embodied in this idea. Because of your origin and your destiny, you have something greater to give to the world, something that the world cannot give to you. Your gift is hidden within you like a secret cargo, but you cannot gain access to it until you have advanced on the Way of Knowledge. Then it will begin to emerge, slowly and incrementally, all on its own.

Accept that the journey is great. It is marvelous. It is at times difficult. But in all ways it refines you. It washes away that which is nonessential in you and reveals that which is permanent and meaningful. Your real purpose and calling become apparent when all that hides and conceals them has fallen away, and what is left is what is real, and that becomes welcomed and embraced."

- Marshall V. Summers

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